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  Turkey dinner plate   Turkey dinner plate
 Spel267_bw  Spel267_bw
  Turkey dinner   Turkey dinner
 straw_025c  straw_025c
  thanksgiving flowers and pumpkins   thanksgiving flowers and pumpkins
  cartoon sunflower   cartoon sunflower
  thanksgiving white turkey   thanksgiving white turkey
  cornucopia of pumpkins and corn   cornucopia of pumpkins and corn
 thanksgiving-03  thanksgiving-03
 thanksgiving-04  thanksgiving-04
 thanksgiving-05  thanksgiving-05
 thanksgiving-06  thanksgiving-06
 thanksgiving-07  thanksgiving-07
 thanksgiving-08  thanksgiving-08
 thanksgiving-09  thanksgiving-09
  Turkey feast   Turkey feast
 thanksgiving-11  thanksgiving-11
 thanksgiving-12  thanksgiving-12
 thanksgiving-13  thanksgiving-13
 thanksgiving-14  thanksgiving-14
 thanksgiving-15  thanksgiving-15
 thanksgiving-16  thanksgiving-16
 thanksgiving-17  thanksgiving-17
 thanksgiving-18  thanksgiving-18
 thanksgiving-19  thanksgiving-19
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