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 Spel034_bw  Spel034_bw
  Whimsical turkey wearing sunglasses   Whimsical turkey wearing sunglasses
 Spel065_bw  Spel065_bw
  Whimsical pilgrim   Whimsical pilgrim
 Spel086_bw  Spel086_bw
  Pumpkin and corn on the cob   Pumpkin and corn on the cob
 Spel112_bw  Spel112_bw
  Food plate   Food plate
 Spel113_bw  Spel113_bw
  Pumpkin   Pumpkin
 Spel115_bw  Spel115_bw
  Realistic Pumpkin   Realistic Pumpkin
 Spel117_bw  Spel117_bw
  Basket of bread   Basket of bread
 Spel162_bw  Spel162_bw
  Cornucopia   Cornucopia
 Spel185_bw  Spel185_bw
  Bunch of food   Bunch of food
 Spel187_bw  Spel187_bw
  Bags of wheat   Bags of wheat
 Spel203_bw  Spel203_bw
  Pumpkins and wheat   Pumpkins and wheat
  outline of pumpkins and hay    outline of pumpkins and hay
  Basket of food   Basket of food
 Spel212_bw  Spel212_bw
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