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 Spel203_bw  Spel203_bw
  Pumpkins and wheat   Pumpkins and wheat
  outline of pumpkins and hay    outline of pumpkins and hay
  Basket of food   Basket of food
 Spel212_bw  Spel212_bw
  Basket of fruit   Basket of fruit
 Spel213_bw  Spel213_bw
  Cornucopia with candle   Cornucopia with candle
 Spel216_bw  Spel216_bw
  River scene   River scene
 Spel223_bw  Spel223_bw
  Candle center piece   Candle center piece
 Spel224_bw  Spel224_bw
  Wreath   Wreath
  Festive Turkey   Festive Turkey
 Spel226_bw  Spel226_bw
  Colorful Turkey   Colorful Turkey
 Spel228_bw  Spel228_bw
 Spel229_bw  Spel229_bw
  Pen and Scroll   Pen and Scroll
 Spel230_bw  Spel230_bw
  Bail of wheat   Bail of wheat
 Spel233_bw  Spel233_bw
  Turkey dinner   Turkey dinner
 Spel235_bw  Spel235_bw

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