Big piece of cheese   Big piece of cheese
  French fries   French fries
  Bowl of potato chips   Bowl of potato chips
  tacos   tacos
 1004food002  1004food002
 1004food003  1004food003
  hot breakfast   hot breakfast
 1004food005  1004food005
 1004food006  1004food006
 1004food007  1004food007
  Cheeseburger   Cheeseburger
 1004food009  1004food009
 1004food010  1004food010
  Sub sandwich and french fries   Sub sandwich and french fries
 1004food012  1004food012
 1004food013  1004food013
 1004food014  1004food014
 1004food015  1004food015
 1004food016  1004food016
 1004food017  1004food017
 1004food018  1004food018
 1004food019  1004food019
 1004food020  1004food020
  hotdog and beer   hotdog and beer
 1004food022  1004food022
 1004food023  1004food023
 1004food024  1004food024
 1004food025  1004food025
 10_garlic  10_garlic
 11_cheese  11_cheese
 12_cucumber  12_cucumber
 13_fruits  13_fruits
 14_jam  14_jam
 15_fish  15_fish
 1_meat_dumplings  1_meat_dumplings
 2_hamburger  2_hamburger
 3_meat  3_meat
 3_shish_kebab  3_shish_kebab
 4_meat  4_meat
 5_hen  5_hen
 5_jelly  5_jelly
 6_sandwich  6_sandwich
 7_porridge  7_porridge
 8_ketchup  8_ketchup
 9_sauce  9_sauce
 9_sausage  9_sausage
  Two acorns   Two acorns
 acorn300  acorn300
 alium3  alium3
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