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  1.   playing card cards deck  cards-red.gif clip art toys-games games
  2.   airplane airplanes plane planes  plane5121.gif clip art transportation air
  3.   car cars autos automobile automobiles  sportcar2.gif clip art transportation land
  4.   raft rafts boat boats inflatable  0703raft.gif clip art transportation water
  5. teddy bear in a rowboat
  6.   dinner plate food plates  bliny.gif clip art food-drink
  7.   hand hands language  hand8121.gif clip art people hands
  8.   mountain mountains land  landscape241411.gif clip art places landscape
  9.   windows cursor point click  fim0105.gif clip art signs-symbols
  10.  tennis ping pong   sport111_bw clip art sports tennis
  11.   toy toys teddy bear bears  teddybear2121.gif clip art toys-games
  12.   toy toys top tops spinning  whirligig2.gif clip art toys-games
  13.   astrology zodiac zodiacs aries  aries_sp01.gif clip art zodiac
  14.   astrology zodiac zodiacs cancer  cancer5.gif clip art zodiac
  15.   astrology zodiac zodiacs capricorn  zodiac75123.gif clip art zodiac
  16.   astrology zodiac zodiacs pisces  zodiac87.gif clip art zodiac
  17. man in suit holding a red heart
  18. easter egg with crosses and candle in dish
  19. a black and white boy in biboveralls kicking a ball
  20. grey church
  21. greek letter f- gamma
  22.  people job jobs work working occupation occupations career careers chef baker bakers cake   jobs-122105-075 clip art people occupations
  23.   building buildings real estate country trail trails path paths rooster roosters farm farms  landscape69.gif clip art places landscape
  24.   bodybuilder bodybuilders muscle muscles weight lifting weights barbell barbells fitness exercise exercising silhouette silhouettes  strength701.gif clip art sports weight lifting
  25. teddy bear bears toy toys stuffed teddys teddybear animal animals reading book books