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115 backpack clip art images found...

  1.   boy boys kid kids people backpack backpacks  boybackpack2.gif clip art places outdoors
  2.   backpack backpacks bag bags satchel satchels  bag141.gif clip art clothing backpacks
  3.   girl girls lady ladies women woman backpack backpacks  girl2.gif clip art places outdoors
  4.   hiker hike hiking man guy people money backpack backpacks  man14121.gif clip art people
  5.   girl girls lady ladies women woman backpack backpacks  girlpicknick2.gif clip art places outdoors
  6.   backpack backpacks camping hiking hike hiker hikers bag bags  backpack2.gif clip art places outdoors
  7. backpack vector clip art image
  8. cartoon spelunker climbing up a rope
  9. camping kit
  10. black and white boy riding his bike with a backpack on his back
  11. blonde haired boy skateboarding with a backpack
  12. black and white outline of a backpack with a bow
  13. silhouette of a boy with a backpack
  14. girl in purple sweats with a backpack
  15. a silhouette of a child with a backpack