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143 bucket clip art images found...

  1. beach bucket and shovel
  2.  tool tools bucket buckets   hrdwr036 clip art tools
  3. farmer milking the cow into a wooden bucket
  4. toy bucket and shovel
  5. bucket of milk being poured into storage container
  6.   bucket buckets  bhg0115.gif clip art household garden
  7.   beach bucket buckets shovel shovels sand toy toys  bucket_shoveleps.gif clip art toys-games
  8. cartoon-bee-holding-a-bucket
  9. water bucket
  10.  tool tools bucket buckets   hrdwr036_bw clip art tools
  11. black and white bucket
  12. bucket of red paint
  13. bucket full of green apples
  14. blue bucket full of red apples
  15. basket of golf balls
  16.   mops mop bucket water buckets cleaning  pmm0104.gif clip art household
  17. toy water bucket shaped like a fish
  18.   tool tools water bucket buckets  bucket201.gif clip art tools
  19. baby calf eating out of a brown handled bucket
  20. bucket of water sitting in a green field
  21. a hand holding a red bucket feeding the chicken
  22. a black and white flowered pail and shovel
  23.   mop mops bucket  floorbrush.gif clip art household
  24. blue cartoon style watering can
  25. abstract person pouring water from a red bucket