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  1. heart feeling sick
  2. sick heart
  3. sick earth
  4. a nurse taking a childs vital signs
  5. grim reaper
  6. man sick with the flu
  7. a sick tooth
  8. a sick boy with a thermometer
  9. sick car
  10.   people ill sick cold winter chill chilly  cold300.gif clip art science health-medicine
  11. a little boy in the hospital with a nurse giving him medicine
  12. person sick with the flu
  13. 2964-tooth-decay-cartoon-character
  14. sick earth
  15. child sick in bed
  16. cartoon dancing grapes
  17. crazy leprechaun running with a pot of gold
  18. sick kid getting medicine
  19. 5843 royalty free clip art sick brain cartoon character with thermometer
  20.   face faces people head heads boy boys ill sick  indisposed.gif clip art people faces
  21. cartoon tooth ache
  22. cartoon alligator
  23. a girl sick in bed with medicine being offered to her
  24. computer virus
  25.   broken leg crutches broken bones arm ankle foot wrist hand boy boy boys ill sick medical medicine hospital hospitals people  ailing5.gif clip art science health-medicine