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2179 dressed clip art images found...

  1.   clothes clothing hat hats summer sun  hat8141.gif clip art clothing hats
  2.   socks sock clothing clothes  sox202.gif clip art clothing
  3.   clothes clothing dress dresses  dress-hanger.gif clip art clothing dresses
  4.   clothes clothing pant pants jean jeans  sdm_pants001.gif clip art clothing pants
  5. little girl in blue party dress with folded hands
  6. ballet slippers
  7. little girl in a pink and white dress holding a butterlfy
  8. a happy woman in an orange dress dancing
  9.   clothes clothing coat coats jacket jackets winter  jacket5.gif clip art clothing coats
  10.   clothes clothing winter sweater sweaters  sdm_jacket005.gif clip art clothing winter
  11. a little girl with a lime green dress holding and wearing red tropical flowers
  12.   clothes clothing blouse blouses shirt shirts  singlet.gif clip art clothing dresses
  13. a black haired woman in a bright pink dress doing a dance routine
  14. animated girl holding a chinese fan
  15. wooden hangers
  16.   panties clothing clothes underwear  underwear121.gif clip art clothing
  17. a red headed woman in a black dress dancing at a club
  18. running shoes
  19.   clothes clothing pant pants  bfm0149.gif clip art clothing pants
  20. background backgrounds tiled tile seamless watermark stationary wallpaper cloths cloth clothing shirt shirts t-shirt t-shirts tshirt tshirts
  21. pink bikini
  22.   towel towels  towels.gif clip art clothing towels
  23. dark blue jean material
  24.   coat rack closet storage closets clothes clothing  closet201.gif clip art household
  25. pajamas robe