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494 first clip art images found...

  1. blue lines frame swirls boutique design border 1  gif, png, jpg, eps, svg
  2.  a purple monster on his first birthday with text happy birthday! gif, png, jpg, eps
  3. two mallard ducks one in the water and one on land gif, jpg, eps
  4. santa claus walking and laughing with one of his reindeer gif
  5. a smiling baby laying on a pink blanket with one tooth and a big blue bow gif, jpg
  6. vector snowflake 1 gif, png, jpg, eps, svg, pdf
  7. a little girl in a purple dress surrounded by pink hearts also holding one gif, png, jpg, eps
  8. house cat resting with one eye open gif, jpg
  9. two swimming swans- one in color, one black and white gif, jpg
  10. two seaguls one flying and one standing gif
  11. one black swan and one white swan gif, jpg
  12. two owls- one gray, one black and white gif, jpg
  13. illustration cartoon ilustation of a water plastic bottle mascot character wearing a foam finger vector illustration isolated on white background gif, png, jpg, eps, svg, pdf
  14. first kiss gif, jpg
  15. lion buttons, one image black and white gif, jpg
  16. crazy green easter bunny running with basket of colored eggs and one red egg in hand gif, png, jpg, eps
  17. two storks with a special delivery one boy and one girl gif, jpg, eps
  18. african american businessman with one black eye wears boxing gloves gif, png, jpg, eps
  19. one large and one small four leaf clover sitting by a brown pot of gold gif
  20. two sparrows- one nesting, one flying to nest gif, jpg
  21. one orange lily with buds gif, jpg
  22. a cowboy with his head down holding a gun in the air and one to the ground gif, jpg, eps
  23. women holding a cupcake with 1 candle in it gif, png, jpg, eps
  24. two images of male lion roaring, one black and white gif, jpg
  25. a funny fish with rings down its side and one big fin underneath gif, png, jpg, eps
  26. one med green octopus and one small orange octopus gif, jpg, eps
  27. a red haired  boy squinting one eye gif, jpg, eps
  28. a happy green monster celebrates first brithday gif, png, jpg, eps
  29. skunk 1 in color  gif, png, jpg, eps, svg, pdf
  30. man standing with one foot on a volleyball gif, png, jpg, eps, svg, pdf
  31. pizza with one slice missing gif, eps
  32. e is the first letter in easter gif, png, jpg, eps
  33. two hands and the left one writing a letter on a piece of paper gif, jpg, eps
  34. white duck standing on one leg gif, jpg
  35. two images of kitty lying down, one black and white gif, jpg
  36. mirror image of two kittens, one in black and white gif, jpg
  37. happy purple two horned monster celebrates birthday with pink heart shaped cake and one green candle on it gif, png, jpg, eps
  38. santa claus decorating one of his reindeer gif, jpg
  39. a one horned fish in black and white gif, png, jpg, eps
  40. one peice of candy in a blue wrapper gif, eps
  41. redstart with one leg up gif, jpg
  42. two happy-faced tomatoes with one sad tomato gif, jpg
  43. three people one giving a test to the other woman standing gif, jpg, eps
  44. a black and white box of chewing gum with one laying on the table gif
  45. two christmas ornaments one ball and a candle that looks like an angel gif, jpg
  46. safe with the word password written in red and one gold coin on top gif, jpg, eps
  47. christmas composition 1 gif, png, jpg, eps
  48. silhouette of two people one standing and one sitting dicussing a paper gif, jpg, eps
  49. angry looking lioness with large fangs, one black and white image gif, jpg
  50. a silhouette of two people one giving advise to the other gif, jpg, eps
  51. black and white flamingo sleeping on one leg gif, jpg
  52. heels 1 rose  gif, png, jpg, svg, pdf
  53. heels border 1  gif, png, jpg, svg, pdf
  54. blonde haired girl with her hair swept to one side smiling gif, jpg, eps
  55. a black and white child leaning on one arm gif, jpg, eps