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  1. cartoon boy carrying his lunch and backpack
  2. black and white outline of a little boy with a backpack
  3.   street sign signs one way  a_oneway.gif clip art signs-symbols road signs
  4. cartoon teacher holding an apple
  5.   sing language hand hands number numbers 1  asl1.gif clip art signs-symbols sign language
  6. cartoon boy carrying a backpack
  7. animated school girl
  8.  medical first first aid firstaid firstaids kit   helth006 clip art medical
  9. pool balls
  10.   race racing finish first place checkered flag flags  checkered_flag_443.gif animations mini sports
  11. doctor-on-call
  12.   1st place gold medal award awards  award_045.gif animations mini sports
  13. black and white outline of a boy packing his backpack
  14. open door to a book
  15. school backpack
  16. guy with a broken finger
  17. new years champagne and party hat
  18. a single purple book laying down
  19.   1  1_foolsday.gif animations mini alphabets jester jiggle
  20. cartoon boy holding a measuring triangle
  21. cartoon yellow back to school bus
  22. cartoon 123 numbers
  23. cartoon play dough and knife
  24.   keyboard keyboards number numbers 1 one !  1.gif animations mini alphabets keyboard keys
  25. cartoon student holding his backpack