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  1.   lady girl girls women teenager teenagers talking phone phones desk desks  ppa0199.gif clip art people adults
  2.  occupation occupations people work working lecture man buinessman buiness lawyer   occu_c_002_ss clip art people occupations
  3.  shadow people work working occupations carpenter carpenters building buildings drill drills   occupation013 clip art people occupations
  4.   toy toys  toys&games05.gif clip art toys-games
  5.   compu08b clip art business computers computer speaker speakers sound music
  6.   phones phone telephone telephones  phone131.gif clip art business phones
  7.   lunch dinner plates food  milkbread.gif clip art food-drink drinks
  8.   map maps wake island  mapwake-island.gif clip art international maps
  9.   map maps animals beaver beavers  topomap_animals6.gif clip art international maps
  10.   map maps reefs water  topomap_reefs.gif clip art international maps
  11.   music instruments trumpet trumpets  axe42.gif clip art music brass
  12.   plant plants flower flowers osier  osier2.gif clip art nature plants
  13.   skiing skis ski winter snow  skierguy.gif clip art nature seasons
  14.   man guy people wizard magic magician  power500.gif clip art people
  15.  people reading book books women woman   pple077 clip art people
  16.   signs sign street no right turn  noturns.gif clip art signs-symbols
  17.  karate martial arts   sport084_bw clip art sports martial arts
  18.   ski skis skiing snow  alpinist4.gif clip art sports skiing
  19.   tool tools spray can cans spraypaint  spray801.gif clip art tools
  20.   airplane airplanes plane planes  fighter_plane0001.gif clip art transportation air
  21.  car cars autos vehicles   transportation071 clip art transportation land
  22. black and white spooted kitten
  23.   scissor scissors  snippers.gif clip art business supplies
  24.   hand hands  hand17121.gif clip art people hands
  25.   arrow arrows paper  pim0223.gif clip art signs-symbols