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36 halo clip art images found...

  1. a male angel with a halo saying stop
  2. whimsical flying angel with a halo over top
  3. child christmas angel with a halo and holly berry
  4. an angel in white with golden wings and halo praying
  5. black and white whimsical flying angel with a halo over top
  6. a side view of a female angel praying with a halo on her head
  7. a black haired angel kneeling to pray
  8. a simple angel with a halo puting its hands together
  9. an angel in the clouds with a halo
  10. a little girl with brown eyes wings and a golden halo holding a red heart
  11. flying child angel decorating a chistmas tree
  12. a silly clown wearing colorful striped clothes wearing angel wings and a halo
  13. an alien gun with a sight on it
  14. two blue eyed angels sitting on a cloud
  15. an angel in light purple and a halo on it's head kneeling
  16. a robed angel walking on the clouds with a halo and a horn
  17. a little child in white wearing a golden halo playing a horn
  18. a robed angel in the clouds with a halo blowing on a horn
  19. stick cupid girl with a halo flying with heart
  20. alphabet letter c cupid silhouette with bow and arrow
  21. flying child angel ringing a bell surrounded by stars
  22. angel with a pink robe
  23. a blonde angel kneeling on a cloud with a sunbeam comming out
  24. a black and white angel with a halo waving
  25. stitched rag doll angel with a halo