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3218 happy clip art images found...

  1. a happy graduate shaking hands recieveing his diploma
  2. man with big smile
  3. silence emoticon
  4. a man sitting at a computer desk typing and looking at the screen smiling
  5. a happy lady selling ice cream in the summer
  6. happy holidays with devil and fire
  7. happy cartoon snail on a leaf
  8. two best friends smiling
  9. man speaking into a mic
  10.   smilie smile face smilies emoticon emoticons faces yellow circle circles  bim0116.gif clip art signs-symbols
  11. happy tiger parting on new years eve
  12. happy holidays greeting with halloween little witch
  13. black and white happy snowman ice cream cone
  14. a nurse taking a sick boys temperature
  15.  smile smiles happy face   shape007_bw clip art spaces
  16. happy thanksgiving holiday turkey
  17. happy pencil shows his hand on a board
  18. laughing emoticon
  19. cartoon classroom with students and a teacher
  20. happy easter card with basket of eggs and candles
  21. a full happy fish
  22. cartoon faces in vector
  23. cartoon-happy-birthday-cake
  24. happy birthday banner
  25. the smiling face of a blonde haired boy in a green shirt