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307 harvesting clip art images found...

  1. golden yellow autumn leaf
  2. thanksgiving harvested fall fruit
  3. bucket full of green apples
  4. girl praying for thanksgiving
  5. thanksgiving harvest fruit border
  6. thanksgiving bundle of food
  7. pear tree in autumn
  8. a cooked thanksgiving day turkey steaming
  9. whimsical brown autumn leaf
  10. children picking apples in autumn
  11. a boy gathering mushrooms
  12. bunch of fruit
  13. man gathering flowers from his garden
  14. small girl giving thanks for her basket of food
  15. woman harvesting apples in an orchard
  16. person in an autumn storm
  17. greenl swirl tree in the fall
  18. thanksgiving basket full of squash and gourds
  19. abstract picture of hands harvesting wheat
  20. happy little girls in their coats playing in the fall leaves
  21. golden maple leaf
  22. turkey
  23.   tree trees wind windy grass spring fall autmn  wind.gif clip art nature seasons
  24. tree in autumn
  25. farmer in overalls harvesting apples from tree