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307 harvesting clip art images found...

  1. retro style tractor
  2. a little girl with a yellow fall hat holding some autumn leaves
  3. pilgrim women holding a large pie
  4. tractor pulling large haybale
  5. autumn symbol 001
  6. golden brown leaves
  7.   street sign signs yield  a_yield.gif clip art signs-symbols road signs
  8. autumn in the mountains
  9. pumpkin
  10. golden yellow setting from  autumn
  11. tiled leaf background
  12. cartoon rake
  13. black and white ant carry cupcake cookie
  14. animated leaf falling on a backpack
  15. cat falling while holding a broken umbrella
  16. pilgrim turkey with a barrel of apples
  17.   tree trees forest fall autmn seasons park woods  autumn10.gif clip art nature seasons
  18. pilgrim scarecrow with pumpkins
  19.   deers sign warning deer yield  deer_crosing.gif animations mini animals
  20.   thanksgiving holidays leaf leafs fall seasons barrel barrels  leafs_1032.gif clip art holidays thanksgiving
  21. rain puddle with leafs falling
  22.   tree trees fall sunshine seasons autmn  autumn_sun_overhead.gif clip art nature seasons
  23. a woman standing on grass and fall leaves holding a large cornucopia
  24. thanksgiving white turkey
  25. christmas wreath with fall leaves added