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761 jesus clip art images found...

  1. black and white angel holding cross gif
  2. african american boy angel gif, png, jpg, eps, svg, pdf
  3. black and white i love jesus baloon gif
  4. 9th station of the cross gif
  5. christian boy with i love jesus tshirt gif
  6. jesus holding a bible picture gif
  7. the three crosses gif
  8. jonah and the whale gif
  9. catholic priest gif
  10. black and white mary looking over jesus gif
  11. maria and baby jesus gif
  12.  jesus religion religious christian   xmas_014bw clip art holidays christmas  gif
  13. jesus holding a flag with a cross on it gif
  14. noah's ark clipart. gif, eps
  15. jesus in the clouds gif
  16. the three crosses gif, jpg
  17. easter cross in a nest gif, jpg, eps
  18.  christian religion religious angel angels lds   christian_ss_bw_167 clip art religion christian  gif
  19. noah's ark clipart. gif, eps
  20. black and white jesus power cartoon gif
  21. women praying while holding her rosary gif, jpg
  22. jesus christ gif
  23. christian religion serpent on cross 083  gif, png, jpg, eps, svg, pdf
  24. christian religion heart wings 098  gif, png, jpg, eps, svg, pdf
  25. jesus praying to heaven gif
  26. jesus power cartoon symbol gif
  27. praying hands drawing gif
  28. rosary gif
  29. cartoon baby jesus gif
  30. cartoon praying hands gif
  31. man with a i love jesus t-shirt gif
  32. 12th station of the cross  gif
  33. black and white bible with a cross on it gif
  34. drawing of baby jesus  gif
  35. jesus power balloon outline gif
  36.  christian religion religious jesus lds   christian_ss_c_197 clip art religion christian  gif
  37.   ash wednesday palm sunday religion religious jesus christ  6_christ.gif clip art religion  gif, eps
  38. a holy man walking gif, eps
  39. a black and white catholic choir boy singing hyms gif
  40. jesus preaching picture gif
  41. christ and the holy spirit as a dove in the baptism waters gif, jpg, eps
  42. noah's ark in a lightning storm gif, eps
  43. jesus in the gethsemane gif
  44. virgin mary gif
  45. bible and rosary gif, jpg
  46. botonee cross. gif, jpg
  47. black and white jesus head gif
  48. african american preacher standing at the pulpit gif
  49. jesus on a horse drawing gif
  50. the three crosses gif
  51. black and white jesus in the manger gif, eps
  52. jesus power gif
  53. mary holding baby jesus gif, png, jpg, eps
  54. virgin mary gif
  55. cartoon nun holding a rosary gif, jpg