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26 knitting clip art images found...

  1. a small girl sitting in a chair knitting with green yarn
  2. ball of yarn
  3. grandma knitting
  4.   livingroom home furniture chair chairs grandmother knitting craft knit yarn sew sewing  grandmother.gif clip art household living room
  5. basket of yarn
  6.   tool tools yarn knit knitting needle needles  yarn801.gif clip art tools
  7.   knit knitting grand mother grandma senior citizen  citizens010.gif clip art people seniors
  8.   thread yarn knit needle needles knitting  fibre.gif clip art household
  9.   yarn thread knit needle needles knitting  clewknitting-pin.gif clip art household
  10.   knit knitting grandma fire place senior citizen rocking chair chairs  citizens004.gif clip art people seniors
  11.   african american knitting grandma bench  african_americans025.gif clip art people
  12.  farm animals animal clipart sheep sheeps yarn knitting knit crafts   farmanim015yy clip art animals farm
  13.   african american family knitting yarn grandma mother senior citizen  people025.gif animations 2d people
  14. man in jail knitting a sock
  15.   mouse rat rats mice knitting knit yarn  animals037.gif animations 2d animals
  16.   girl girls kid kids child children knitting craft knit yarn string  girlteddybear.gif clip art people kids
  17. crochet skunk on yarn col
  18.   tool tools yarn needle needles knitting knit  yarn804.gif clip art tools
  19.   smilie smilies face faces knitting knit sewing  270.gif animations mini smilies
  20.  shadow people silhouette working work humans knitting yarn craft crafts female croche   people-280 clip art people shadow people
  21.   shadow people silhouette working work humans knitting yarn craft crafts female croche  people-280.gif animations 2d people shadow
  22.   4th of july independence day america usa united states flag flags knitting craft crafts lady women yarn  knittingflag.gif clip art holidays 4th of july
  23. flowers in a chair for valentines day.
  24. older women knitting
  25. older women knitting black and white