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196 lake clip art images found...

  1. mountain landscape with a beautiful lake
  2. wakeboarder silhouette
  3. sunny day at the lake
  4. black and white mountains with lake
  5.   mountain mountains land ocean bay lake lakes beach  landscape230.gif clip art places landscape
  6. animated girl doing tricks on water skis
  7. cabin on a nice blue lake
  8. green and blue loch ness monster
  9. frog sitting on a lily pad in swampy water
  10. animated water skier
  11. girl swimming in a lake
  12. tree by the lake
  13.   mountain mountains land ocean bay lake lakes  lakeshore.gif clip art places landscape
  14.   mountain mountains water river lake rainbows rainbow  rainbow.gif clip art nature seasons
  15. two golden fish and green sea weed
  16. small fish large fish and sea weed
  17.   mountain mountains water lake lakes river rivers sun sunshine nature  lake700.gif clip art nature
  18.   sailboat sailboats boat boats mountain mountains lake lakes ocean water  lake505.gif clip art transportation water
  19. sun rising at lake with birds in the sky
  20.   mountain mountains land ocean bay lake lakes  lake.gif clip art places landscape
  21. sunrise scenery
  22.   fish lake lakes fishing  fish.gif clip art nature plants
  23. lake
  24. mountain landscape at the lake
  25. snow covered trees and a frozen river