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  1. baby jesus in a manger glowing
  2. black fleur de lis
  3. blooming rose bud
  4. funny chef making a lovely  valentines dish
  5. fancy fleur de lis
  6. animated rose blooming
  7. black and white outline of a girl holding a bouquet of flowers
  8. cartoon girl holding a bouquet of flowers
  9. red fleur-de-lis
  10. cute cartoon girl
  11. beautiful bee buzzing
  12. black and white pinup angel sitting on a cloud
  13. pretty bird house
  14. fairy on flower
  15. mermaid holding a pitchfork
  16. girl dressed like a devil pinup
  17.  marcus the magnificent magician
  18. three decorated easter egg candles
  19. waitress bringing a birthday cake
  20. pinup girl coming out from a gift box
  21. animated blooming cherry blossoms
  22. pretty black and white lady looking seductive holding a key
  23. graceful white swan swimming in water
  24. model posing
  25. black and white girl modeling a dress