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1330 orthodox clip art images found...

  1. priest praying
  2. angel holding a cross
  3. animated praying angel
  4. praying hands drawing
  5. small animated angel praying
  6. a little pilgim girl kneeling and praying
  7. cartoon praying hands
  8. girl praying for thanksgiving
  9. little girl with brown hair and eyes praying on her knees
  10. a winged angel in white praying
  11.   praying pray hand hands religion religious  hand.gif clip art religion
  12. man praying
  13.   hand hands beg begging pray praying  beg800.gif clip art people hands
  14.   praying praise hands hand pray prayer religion religious  handscross.gif clip art religion
  15. drawing of a women praying in church
  16.   religion religious priest pray praying  priest-praying.gif clip art religion
  17. man praying to buddha.
  18.   religion religious buddha pray praying  buddhist.gif clip art religion
  19. monk praying
  20. a holy man with a shroud on his head holding a candle
  21.   religion religious orthodox church  orthodoxchurch.gif clip art religion
  22. muslim prayer
  23. bible with a cross in it
  24. woman praying to buddha
  25. blond little girl in pink pajamas praying in her knees