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208 sad clip art images found...

  1. depressed looking green duck
  2. animated sad girl crying
  3. black and white outline of a sad man
  4. a teacher patting a sad little girl on the head
  5. super sad crying smilie face
  6. sad frog
  7. a man with a red shirt sitting sad
  8. sad face image.
  9. sad smilie face
  10. a sad cartoon boy
  11. sad face
  12. large kitten unhappy with bow around its neck
  13. depressed duck
  14. sad sea snail
  15. stack of money on top of earth
  16. depressed
  17. sad moon
  18.   boy boys people teenager teenagers sad depressed  emotion9131.gif clip art people
  19. angry cartoon elephant
  20. cartoon clown with a sad face
  21. an unhappy clown sitting
  22.   grief sad cry hug support people crying hugs depressed  sad300.gif clip art people
  23. man holding his head down in disappointment
  24.   sad people depressed tired man guy big fat  depresed500.gif clip art people
  25. a sad girl picking up a blue phone