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  1.   face faces people head heads girl girls reading education school  studious.gif clip art people faces
  2. 4970-clipart-illustration-of-number-one-cartoon-mascot-character-with-speech-bubble
  3. a cap with money hanging sitting on the world
  4. 4985-clipart-illustration-of-numbers-one,two-and-three-cartoon-mascot-characters-with-speech-bubble
  5. black and white outline of a backpack with straps
  6. woman janitor
  7. 4989-clipart-illustration-of-number-four-cartoon-mascot-character
  8. 4980-clipart-illustration-of-number-three-cartoon-mascot-character-with-speech-bubble
  9. a graduate holding a red book sailing on a book of success
  10. black and white man working on a tire
  11. geography book
  12. a teacher pointing to a map of the world
  13. black and white outline of paintbrush paper and cup
  14.  animals gorilla gorillas monkey ape apes reading school education thinking study   gorilla009_ss_bw clip art animals monkeys
  15. black and white man holding a crane hook
  16. drafting tools
  17. 5000-clipart-illustration-of-number-five-cartoon-mascot-character-with-speech-bubble
  18. a happy graduate in her blue cap and gown with her mom
  19.  shadow people silhouette working work humans graduation school education student students career diploma   people-269 clip art people shadow people
  20. cartoon container of pencil lead
  21.   test tubes science laboratory laboratories chemistry  chemistry3.gif clip art science
  22. black and white outline of a boy dribbling a basketball
  23. black and white outline of a flight attendant serving
  24.   supplies education school book books homework gaduate  books2131.gif clip art education books
  25. boy and girl floating on clouds dressed for graduation