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  1. laughing santa claus
  2. laughing smilie face
  3. really happy smiley face
  4. laughing santa claus ho ho ho
  5. happy santa claus ringing a bell by a decorated christmas tree
  6. happy yellow starfish cartoon character
  7. smilie face laughing
  8. cartoon bumble bee
  9. happy summer sunshine with shades
  10. royalty-free smiling little star cartoon character
  11. black and white man happy with good news
  12. cartoon guy laughing
  13. funny blue fish pointing and laughing
  14. yellow star with smiling face isolated on a white background
  15. happy border with smiley faces
  16. happy sun with big smile
  17. happy star with smiling face
  18. big orange smiley face daisy
  19. happy birthday baloons
  20.   face faces people head heads boy boys laugh laughing  jocund.gif clip art people faces
  21. a brown haired girl talking on the phone
  22. man holding a big birthday cake
  23. happy birthday ballons with stars - happy birthday!
  24. cartoon character happy number 0
  25. little boy dressed in winter wear pointing and laughing