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29 steel clip art images found...

  1. seamless tiled diamond plate background
  2. animated welder welding steel beams.
  3. animated welder welding a steel beam.
  4. tiled diamond plate background
  5. cartoon man steel worker
  6.  electric drill tool power building construction industry carpentry bit steel   2i0031lowres photos objects
  7. steel beam
  8.   mechanical grind grinding grinder fabrication fabricator steel  machinist.gif clip art people occupations
  9.   welding station welder weld welders set torch fabrication steel  welding.gif clip art household
  10.   welder welding fabrication fabricator weld welders steel man guy people  ss_welder001.gif clip art people occupations
  11. man cutting a steel tube with a circular saw
  12. strong man bending a bar
  13.   construction work worker steel  metallurgist.gif clip art people occupations
  14. a constuction worker welding a building together
  15.   blacksmith blacksmiths steel worker man guy people fabrication fabricator  hammerer.gif clip art people occupations
  16. blacksmith anvil
  17.   welder welding man guy working people fabrication fabricator drill press drills steel  worker.gif clip art people
  18. a welder working
  19.   steel blacksmith iron fabrication hammer pound form shape hot  blacksmith_400.gif animations mini tools
  20.  people job jobs work working occupation occupations career careers welder welding fabricator fabrication weld steel   jobs-122105-020 clip art people occupations
  21.   steel iron horse shoe shoes hammer blacksmith  trade023.gif animations mini tools
  22. a statue of a man in the shadow from the neck up
  23.   shadow people work working occupations blacksmith steel sword swords blacksmiths  occupation030.gif animations 2d people occupations
  24.   construction worker weilder weilders steel metal sparks  engineering002.gif animations 2d business
  25. construction worker wearing a hard hat