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  1. a delivery man in green carring three boxes marked express mail
  2.   recorder recorders voice record tape tapes  dictophone.gif clip art business
  3. teddy bear teacher teaching a class.
  4. cartoon student raising his hand
  5. cartoon student learning on a computer
  6. black and white man using a megaphone
  7. cartoon boy playing with an airplane
  8. black and white snowman mail carrier on skies
  9. blackboard with 2+2 math problem on it
  10.   voice recorder recorders tape  pme0136.gif clip art household electronics
  11. cartoon spiral notebook
  12.   teacher teachers teach school education edcuational math  teacher3.gif clip art people occupations
  13. business logo design
  14.   waitress woman restaraunt order  occupation140.gif animations 2d people
  15. cartoon science teacher
  16. cartoon business woman holding documents
  17. women speaking at a podium
  18. a woman in a formal purple dress a man in a tuxedo dancing the waltz
  19. cartoon binder with rainbow wheel
  20.   teacher teachers teach school education edcuational  teacher3121.gif clip art people occupations
  21. cartoon student writing on a blackboard
  22.   traffic emergancy car cars hospital lane express  hospital001.gif animations 2d transportation
  23.   teach classroom class lesson lessons education school student students graduation diploma diplomas  alumna.gif clip art education students
  24.   sign signs street road roads highway freeway express way  pike.gif clip art signs-symbols road signs
  25.   delivery service ups fedex package packages mail express shipping  maildelivery_van001aa.gif animations 2d people