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  1. 1st place trophy cup
  2. large trophy
  3. trophy award
  4. diploma certificate
  5. soccer trophy
  6.   trophy trophies award awards  awards005.gif clip art signs-symbols
  7.   trophy trophies award awards  awards016.gif clip art signs-symbols
  8.   gold medal medals award awards  medal201.gif clip art other
  9. happy cartoon horse head
  10.   award medal awards winner winners trophy trophies ribbon ribbons red  ribbon_034.gif animations mini sports
  11. women bowler holding a trophy
  12. medal of honor
  13. black and white outline of a diploma certificate
  14. 1st place trophy
  15. baseball trophy
  16.   medal medals award trophy trophies  ribbon301.gif clip art sports
  17. cartoon trophy
  18.   ribbon ribbons award awards achievement medal medals  bos0138.gif clip art business supplies
  19.   trophy trophies award cup cups gold  cup.gif clip art sports
  20.   trophy trophies award awards soccer ball  awards014.gif clip art signs-symbols
  21. animated first place winner
  22.   trophy trophies award awards  awards007.gif clip art signs-symbols
  23.   trophy trophies award winner awards  trophy_018.gif animations mini sports
  24.   award awards certificate certificates  awards019.gif clip art signs-symbols
  25.   trophy trophies award awards  awards006.gif clip art signs-symbols