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9 weigh clip art images found...

  1. jockey weigh-in day gif, png, jpg, eps
  2. red scale weighing green pear and a coin gif, jpg
  3.   food scale scales weight weigh  scale.gif animations mini food  gif
  4.   scale scales money dollar value suits corporations corporation weigh weight  business038.gif clip art business  gif, jpg
  5.   scale scales weight weigh  scale_711.gif animations mini tools  gif
  6.   scale scales weight weighed weigh  scale_362.gif animations mini home  gif
  7.   scale scales weight weighed weigh  scale_038.gif animations mini home  gif
  8.   children weigh scale scales weighting doctor doctors office baby babies  child.gif clip art science health-medicine  gif, jpg
  9.   scale scales weight weigh  scale_476.gif animations mini tools  gif