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The Graphics Factory App Studio has started developing Sticker Packs, Educational learning apps & Games. We will showcase them on this page as they become available on the Apple App Store, enjoy!

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Graphics Factory

Receive notifications on your iPhone when new images are added to Graphics Factory. This app will let you view the Newest images & the Top 100 Popular images, which are updated daily. Be one of the first to know about the newest content added to Graphics Factory.

Fun Flashcards for Kids

Kids have fun while learning with Fun Flashcards for Kids. Great for ages from 1-5. Flashcards have sounds and react to touch.

Sticker Packs

Sticker Peeps

51 Animated cartoon people stickers that will be one of your favorite sticker packs to use.

Text Chat Stickers

Add these useful and fun emoji text graphics to your collection of stickers.

These are very fun and save time when texting.

Includes over 100 variations of the most popular text messaging acronyms used today.

Mega Christmas Sticker Pack

Mega Christmas Sticker Pack by the editors at Graphics This pack includes over 200 Christmas stickers.

This Sticker Pack Includes:

  • 144 Non Animated stickers
  • 102 Animated Stickers

You can use these to stick on text messages (photos and text). It's very fun and your friends and family will love them!

Animated Halloween Sticker Pack

46 fun animated Halloween stickers to use in your text messages.

These are more fun than emoticons. You can stick them to photos and text messages like stickers!

Cartoon Eye Sticker Pack

Fun and silly cartoon eye sticker packed you can send your friends. Express yourself with fantastically fun little eyes.

You can drag these onto photos and text messages or simply send them alone.

Mustache Sticker Pack

This fun mustache sticker pack will bring lots of laughs as you add mustaches to photos in messenger.

Simply drag and drop the mustache over photos that are in your text messages. It very fun and easy to use.

You can enlarge and turn the mustaches.