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56 Labor Day clip art images found...

  1. man grilling on Labor day
  2. eating202
  3. Patriotic cartoon eagle playing the guitar
  4. man  snoring in his chair
  5. Man holding a large american flag
  6. guy snoring couch potato
  7. hands holding white dove with usa flag
  8. Women with a picnic basket
  9. white house with flags and eagle
  10. A memorial with candles flowers and a flag
  11. Patriotic pizza delivery man
  12. cookout001
  13. A man in patriotic bell bottoms playing the guitar
  14. Black and white man lounging in a lounge chair
  15. Small child holding a flag clasping an adults hand
  16. Grandma eating a hotdog dressed patriotically
  17. campfire500
  18. Two people holding an american flag
  19. father013
  20. cookout004
  21. celebrating
  22. Patriotic singer
  23. Patriotic boy riding a unicycle
  24. cookout005
  25. Woman standing in front of an american flag with a dove
  26. Man in red white and blue riding a unicycle
  27. Red white and blue USA boy
  28. girl6121
  29. park300
  30. A man in red white and blue delivering pizza
  31. emotion19
  32. occupation079
  34. flower201
  35. hiker402
  36. rocker400
  37. couple301
  38. moon301
  39. hiker401
  40. hiker201
  41. hiker400
  42. emotion22
  43. emotion15121
  44. boy jumping in joy
  45. Man sleeping in a hammock on a summer day
  46. Patriotic man cooking hotdogs on the grill
  47. Guy cooking a large hamburger on the grill
  48. Patriotic african american man holding a sparkler and a flag
  49. Clasped hands in front of an american flag
  50. Patriotic boy dancing to his boom box
  51. young patriotic kid listening to a radio
  52. A father and his son pledging to the american flag
  53. Charcoal BBQ grill
  54. BBQ grill
  55. BMM0209