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1297 baby clip art images found...

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  1. Stick Baby Cupid Wearing a Red Bow Tie with Banner
  2. Blond Haired Baby Boy Cupid holding Up A Heart Card
  3. Cute Happy Blue Eyed Cupid with Bow and Arrow Flying in  Blue Cloud with Three Red Hearts
  4. Baby Cupid with Bow and Arrow Flying With Hearts
  5. Baby holding love heart wearing santa hat With Merry Christmas Above
  6. Happy Baby Chick
  7. A Happy Baby Elephant Holds It's 1st Birthday Cake
  8. smiling baby crab
  9. a cute baby dolphin
  10. happy baby lobster in red
  11. a cute gray bottle nosed dolphin
  12. Baby with Freckles Holding a Baby Bottle
  13. Baby with its Tongue out Holding a Red Heart with Love
  14. Scared kitten
  15. Kitten with his head stuck in a fishbowl
  16. Small kitten sitting outside
  17. Large kitten unhappy with bow around its neck
  18. Black and white Kitten with his head stuck in a fishbowl
  19. Black and white scared kitten
  20. Black and white small kitten sitting outside
  21. Baby chick
  22. Baby penguin
  23. Baby giraffe
  24. Baby penguin with mommy penguin
  25. Baby duck duckling
  26. Baby panda cub playing
  27. Baby polar bear
  28. baby polar bear crawling on his mothers back
  29. Baby pig laying down
  30. Baby turtle breaking out of his egg
  31. Baby Panda cub crawling towards you
  32. Small seahorse
  33. Cartoon Elephant
  34. Brown rabbit
  35. Little fox
  36. Crab
  37. Small dolphin
  38. Clown fish
  39. Yawning cat
  40. Otter floating in the water
  41. Small puppy wanting a snack
  42. Fluffy white puppy
  43. lamb sitting in a grass  field
  44. Worm with a surprised look on it's face
  45. Squirrel eating nuts stuffed cheeks
  46. Surprised little hamster
  47. Seal balancing a blue ball on his nose
  48. Little girl holding a baby chick
  49. A Little Girl Dressed all in Pink holding a Wrapped Baby
  50. animated cupid
  51. Baby girl
  52. Baby pigs feeding
  53. Purple bat
  54. Baby bat
  55. Baby Skull