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3272 children clip art images found...

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  1. Child putting on socks
  2. doctor listening to a child's heart
  3. African American cheerleader with pom poms
  4. An indian girl dancing
  5. Little Boy in a Blue Suit and a Girl in a Pink Wedding Dress and Veil Ready for the Wedding
  6. Cute little Angel Boy
  7. Little girl going to the beach in bathing suit and floppy hat
  8. small girl wearing a wedding dress
  9. Two Young Girls Happy Playing on the Swing Together
  10. A little girl getting a shot from a nurse
  11. Black and white adult holding a childs hand
  12. A chilly little cartoon boy
  13. A Family Standing Mom Holding the Little Girls Hand and The Father Holding the Baby
  14. mom-child-reading
  15. children celebrating
  16. A little girl dressed like a princess
  17. small child holding a large basket of food
  18. Beach bucket and shovel
  19. cartoon stork carrying a baby
  20. Black and white girl cleaning a table
  21. Two little girls taking a bubble bath in a barrel
  22. Black and white girl eating a bowl of hot soup
  23. A Nice Happy Teacher Reading a Book to Two Girls
  24. Animated girl holding an umbrella
  25. Student surprised by an F grade on his homework
  26. KIds couple dressed for a wedding dancing
  27. Two Cute Children Dressed for a Wedding
  28. Native American girl holding a pumpkin for Thanksgiving
  29. Little Boy Holding a Girl in his Arms
  30. Thanksgiving pilgrim boy
  31. small boy driving a toy car
  32. Small girl playing golf
  33. A blonde haired girl in black leotards and ballet shoes
  34. girl playing on a slide
  35. Two indian girls in sarongs one is combing the other ones hair
  36. Little girl with braids wearing a blue dress with red flowers
  37. A boy standing and waving wearing a green jacket and a brown hat
  38. A Mom Dad and Child all Holding Hands Walking
  39. Infant breast feeding
  40. African American child doing a cannonball
  41. A little farm girl feeding a chicken
  42. Baby bottle
  43. A little boy pointing down at the flowers
  44. Little girl holding a baby chick
  45. A little ballerina girl in a black dress with a pink flower in her hair
  46. An animated baby girl laying on a beach towel
  47. Black and White Baby drinking from a bottle
  48. kids riding a school bus
  49. small girl talking on the phone
  50. A woman comforting a crying child
  51. Morris Minor
  52. Child Christmas Angel with a Halo and Holly Berry
  53. Little blonde haired boy smiling wearing a cowboy hat
  54. A Man Throwing a Child up in the Air
  55. Animated teacher scolding her student