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4291 children clip art images found...

  1. A girl sunbathing wearing a tuquoise hat and bathing suit sipping a drink
  2. An indian boy serving food
  3. Little girl in blue party dress with folded hands
  4. boy playing with his toy truck
  5. A little boy fisherman
  6. Animated girl feeding a swan
  7. Little girl in white party dress with pink trim
  8. An asian girl looking in the mirror putting on makeup
  9. small girl blowing bubbles
  10. Little blond girl wearing a white dress with pink flowers
  11. Small asian girl holding an umbrella
  12. A little pilgrim girl carrying a basket
  13. Little girl holding umbrella
  14. small girl holding her fish bowl
  15. girl sitting with her pet dog
  16. whining girl
  17. boy riding his bike
  18. A little girl planting tulips with her gardening clothes on
  19. boy playing with his toy car
  20. Blond haired little ballerina
  21. Small boy holding a soccer ball
  22. A little boy golfing
  23. Little girl in purple polka dot dress holding a bouquet of flowers
  24. Little chef boy holding a pizza
  25. girl dressed up like a fairy princess
  26. A little dutch girl holding a walking stick and a basket of cherries
  27. Little girl in a blue party dress at a masquerade ball
  28. Cutel little girl holding a star
  29. Small boy holding a soccer ball
  30. A cute little girl in a party hat holding a gift
  31. A little boy dressed as a chef carrying trays of food and drink
  32. boy dressed up like an indian
  33. Little girl holding bouquet of flowers in midriff shirt and a skirt
  34. A boy down on his knee holding a bouquet of flowers
  35. A blonde haired pigtailed girl sitting on a heart pillow holding a heart
  36. Small girl playing ping pong
  37. An indian boy with coconuts
  38. A little indian boy carrying a basket on his back with a cat in it
  39. Girl with an apron and a bonnet holding flowers
  40. A red haired girl in a pink dress with a pink flower in her hair carrying a bouquet
  41. An indian girl carrying a basket of spices
  42. Little girl with braids at the beach in a blue bathing suit
  43. A little girl walking carrying a purse and looking into a compact mirror
  44. Little girl in a baseball cap holding a red striped ball
  45. Little indian girl with a basket on her back
  46. Cute little girl wearing a lifesaver
  47. Little girl in a red swimmsuit holding a blue purse
  48. Little girl in waitress uniform serving pizza
  49. boy playing with boats in a puddle
  50. An asian girl in a kimono holding a blue umbrella
  51. Little girl in a little pink dress holding a Christmas stocking
  52. A boy doing competition ice skating
  53. Little girl holding a bouquet of flowers in a green flowered dress with a scarf on her head
  54. Little girl with tray of tea and cookies
  55. A little boy leprechaun sitting on a mushroom