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4291 children clip art images found...

  1. Little girl with tray of tea and cookies
  2. A peasant girl feeding a chicken
  3. A little boy leprechaun sitting on a mushroom
  4. Indian girl in a orange sarong carrying a basket by its strap on her head
  5. blond little girl playing ping pong
  6. An asian boy holding a rake behind his back
  7. Little leprechaun boy sitted close to a mushroom talking with a butterfly
  8. Little girl in a red and white party dress carrying a heart shaped purse
  9. A little boy in a tuxedo leaning on an umbrella
  10. A little elf with a mushroom hat
  11. A Little Girl with a Red Dress and a White Apron Holding a Blue Bird
  12. A Little Boy Dressed in a Grey Suit and Gold Bow Tie Holding a Bunch of Roses
  13. Asian girl in a kimono holding a pearl necklace
  14. A boy on his knee in a suit holding a heart
  15. Indian girl in a silver blue surong carrying a jug on her shoulder
  16. Indian boy holding necklaces of flowers
  17. A Little Girl in a Princess Costume Acting Shy
  18. A little boy in a grey suit holding a kitten in a basket
  19. boy taking a bubble bath
  20. A Little Blonde Girl in a Yellow Tennis Dress Holding a Racket
  21. Cute black haired little girls holding a old lamp
  22. A girl in a red and white striped party dress with a flower in her hair
  23. Little girl holding a glass of lemonade
  24. Blond girl holding a heart sitted in heart shape pillow
  25. Black haired little girl holding many red hearts
  26. Little indian girl with a holding headress of flowers
  27. A Little Brown Haired Girl with a Purple Dress Pointing
  28. Little bride with pink pansies in her hair and her bouquet
  29. Hippie girl sitting on a heart shaped pillow
  30. Cute little boy building a snowman with a carrot nose and a santa hat
  31. Indian girl carrying a pot
  32. A little girl in a blue and pink dress ice skating
  33. Little girl with pigtails in a blue dress with an apron holding a candle
  34. A brown haired girl in a gold skirt ice skating
  35. An asian girl in a gray kimono serving tea
  36. A Little Black Haired Girl Laying Down Looking at Yellow Flowers
  37. A little girl wearing a witches hat pointing a wand
  38. An asian girl in a purple flowered kimono combing her hair while looking in the mirror
  39. Little girl in fancy dress with veil and bouquet of flowers
  40. Little boy orchestra conductor
  41. Little boy in a grey suit playing the saxophone
  42. girl holding an umbrella with leaves falling
  43. A blonde girl in her ballerina slippers and leotards dancing
  44. girl riding a snail
  45. A little girl kneeling with a bouquet of flowers in her hand
  46. Elf little boy hugging a big mushroom
  47. An indian girl looking in a mirror
  48. A little girl holding tulips in a blue dress with pink flowers
  49. A black haired girl wearing a green orange and yellow dress holding an umbrella
  50. Asian girl in a brown and gold kimono holding a gray umbrella
  51. Small girl holding a Christmas stocking with candy canes
  52. A little boy gardener cutting tulips
  53. Little Blonde Girl with a butterfly on her back.
  54. A little indian girl mixing
  55. An asian girl in a gray kimono holding a fan