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3246 children clip art images found...

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  1. nerd
  2. girl pushing her doll in a stroller
  3. girl picking flowers
  4. boy playing with his toy truck
  5. Animated girl feeding a swan
  6. small girl holding her fish bowl
  7. small girl blowing bubbles
  8. whining girl
  9. girl sitting with her pet dog
  10. boy playing with his toy car
  11. boy riding his bike
  12. girl dressed up like a fairy princess
  13. boy dressed up like an indian
  14. girl listening to headphones
  15. Animated child holding a watermelon
  16. boy playing with boats in a puddle
  17. tired child
  18. girl brushing her hair
  19. girl playing with her kitten
  20. child riding a skateboard
  21. princess with wand
  22. boy taking a bubble bath
  23. boy catching butterflies
  24. child getting potty trained
  25. child holding a globe
  26. girl cross country skiing
  27. girl holding an umbrella with leaves falling
  28. cartoon boy artist
  29. girl riding a snail
  30. small girl ballerina
  31. child snorkeling
  32. boy building a snowman
  33. girl opening a present on her birthday
  34. BFFs
  35. boy holding a bouquet of flowers
  36. girl ice skating
  37. girl writing on a chalkboard
  38. boy playing with spinning tops
  39. girl letting her bird fly free
  40. small girl in her stroller
  41. small boy playing with a toy plane
  42. making dripping food on the floor
  43. girl jumping rope
  44. girl listening to a seashell
  45. girl swimming
  46. boy playing on his rocking horse
  47. teenage girl holding a bouquet of leafs
  48. child dressed in as a Jester
  49. boy playing with toys blocks
  50. toys
  51. girl dressed up with a Mardi Gra mask
  52. girl with her teddy bear
  53. girl holding her big teddy bear
  54. child
  55. zombie child cartoon black white