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2 economic clip art images for you to use...

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  1. bank finance money business banking criminal market stock exchange pay usury rate building price treasure wealth value economic economy currency button icon set vector abstract app bank sign bank symbol colored concept design flat graphic internet label logo pictogram pin pointer symbol set icon+packs
  2. money dollar dollars kite fly benjamins currency economy economic kites tail tails bow bows tie ties flying business line lines holding hold holdsClip Art People Occupations occupation professional profession pro work worker working jobs job employ employment employed career careers person experienced  polished known learned skill full qualified authority authorities determination determine determining direction
discipline domination management manager qualification supervision
supervisor supervising supreme supremacy charge charges command
commander commanding fundamental fundamentals guide guidance regulation
regulate administrate administration administrator empire dominate
dominator dominating reign capability competent efficacy efficient
faculty talent talented ability abilities potent strength virtue
qualification aptitude influence influential influencing joy joyous skip skipping jubilee jubilant exciting excitement excited
sparkling thrilled thrilling cheerful pleased pleasant lively tickled
tickled pink upbeat good news men man male males guy guys gentleman gentlemen