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772 jesus clip art images found...

  1. Man's face next to a cross
  2. religious boy drawing
  3. religious man drawing
  4. A black and white artist painting a cross
  5. Artist painting a cross
  6. Church choir
  7. female church choir singer
  8. red balloon cross
  9. Black and white bible in the clouds
  10. Boy reading a Sunday School sign
  11. The apple and snake balck and white
  12. angel blowing her horn
  13. drawing of a church banner
  14. drawing of the forbidden fruit
  15. White dove flying with a branch in its mouth 2
  16. cross necklace
  17. White dove flying with a branch in its mouth 3
  18. cartoon church organ
  19. Virgin Mary
  20. Jesus Christ with his arms raised
  21. Botonee Religious Cross.
  22. Little boy in black and white praying
  23. cartoon cross balloon
  24. Male choir singer
  25. peace and love guy
  26. black and white priest
  27. cartoon drawing of a women
  28. A black and white man praying with his eyes closed
  29. A black and white angel with a halo waving
  30. drawing of God
  31. drawing of a Church window
  32. drawing of a cross necklace
  33. Black and white bible with a cross on it
  34. drawing of a candle
  35. drawing of a church flag
  36. black and white Easter egg
  37. nativity illustration
  38. Adam and Eve
  39. women praying in church
  40. candle wick burning
  41. drawing of serpent snake with the forbidden fruit
  42. The snake holding the forbidden fruit
  43. Little boy wearing a tshirt with a cross on it holding a bouquet of flowers
  44. small girl thinking about God
  45. small girl praying
  46. cartoon drawing of angel sitting on a cloud
  47. Blond little girl in pink pajamas praying in her knees
  48.  black white women at a church bake sale
  49. An Older Woman Taking a Layered Cake to a Church Bake Sale
  50. black white kid riding a skateboard
  51. drawing of a women praying in church
  52. Black and white tree of Knowledge
  53. Noah's Ark in a lightning storm
  54. African american preacher standing at the pulpit
  55. A black and white little girl holding a cross