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8029 kids clip art images found...

  1. Animated girl holding a little bird
  2. Little girl in a baseball cap holding a red striped ball
  3. Little girl catching butterflies
  4. Little girl waitress with tray and drink
  5. Little boy in a grey suit playing the saxophone
  6. A little pilgim girl kneeling and praying
  7. A little girl in a bridal dress holding a bunch of tulips
  8. Little indian girl with a basket on her back
  9. Little girl holding bouquet of flowers in midriff shirt and a skirt
  10. little girl sitting in a pumpkin patch
  11. Little blond girl wearing a white dress with pink flowers
  12. Little bride with pink pansies in her hair and her bouquet
  13. Little gardening girl cutting tulips
  14. A little boy in a santa hat carrying a chrismas tree
  15. Little girl going to the beach in bathing suit and floppy hat
  16. Black haired little girl holding a pink rose vase
  17. Little asian boy gathering his harvest
  18. Little girl holding a baby chick
  19. Little chef boy frying eggs
  20. Little girl wearing a blue dress drinking a soda
  21. A little girl in a white bonnet holding fall leaves
  22. Elf little boy touching his hat
  23. A little blonde haired boy golfing
  24. A little boy in a grey suit holding a kitten in a basket
  25. A little boy in a tuxedo leaning on an umbrella
  26. Little girl with pigtails in a blue dress with an apron holding a candle
  27. Little girl in a yellow dress with a pink hat holding candy canes
  28. A little boy gardener cutting tulips
  29. A little waitress serving martinis and cookies
  30. A little girl in a gray coat and bonnet holding fall folliage
  31. Little Blonde Girl with a butterfly on her back.
  32. Little indian boy singing to a cobra snake
  33. Cute little girl wearing a lifesaver
  34. Little witch girl with pumpkins
  35. A little girl in a white dress with a white bonnet holding berries
  36. A child riding a scooter
  37. Little chef boy holding a spaghetti bowl
  38. A little girl kneeling with a bouquet of flowers in her hand
  39. Little girl in pink in a skating competition
  40. A little indian girl dancing
  41. boy drawing pictures on wall
  42. child sliding down a snow covered hill
  43. tired child
  44. A little girl in a blue nightgown and slippers sitting in a chair reading a book
  45. Cute little girl dressed for winter
  46. Little chef boy
  47. A little boy dressed as a chef carrying trays of food and drink
  48. A little boy chef carrying a pot
  49. A little girl planting tulips
  50. A little girl in a blue and pink dress ice skating
  51. Little boy gathering wheat
  52. A little indian girl mixing
  53. Little Girl touching her hair in front of a mirror
  54. A little boy pulling up a turnip
  55. Little girl in a pink button down dress holding gifts