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meeting business people cartoon funny work jobs man character late running job working chart clipart time run comic drawings sales employee occupations profits black white professional logo female growth office graph income company profit presentation illustration corporation projection charts icon city partners talking group concept businessman schedule hands women holding african american circle corporate unemployed male animated employment cutter cooperation leadership team flash teamwork swf fla unity phone together social suits support mobile agreement society stylized teachers calendar gps set management family help ceo lady symbol school education abstract teacher network net union briefcase element graphs partnership human girl international comical friendship supplies professor political democracy icons occupation career realtors suit careers university guy cute hand friends vinyl ready shadow classroom crew woman realtor salesman females idea dates memo pad cell architect loss peace speak computers planners walking blueprints politics computer ladies blue bird builder architecture lawyer corporations executive colorful engineer private boss lovebirds principal happy presentations multicolor clock secret leader shadows earth snuggle paper describing government talks retro explaining director tablet speaks watch notes lawyers ideas date contracts love discussing agreements silhouette birds silhouettes gang 2d blueprint businessmen rat race planner contract shake deer asian woman partner head animations world globe action fun speaking official captain
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