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11 root clip art images for you to use...

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  1. dental icon dentist teeth tooth root cavity
  2. dental icon dentist teeth tooth root+canal
  3. vinyl-ready vector black white design tattoo tattoos art line clip art flower flowers plant plants root roots
  4.   tree root roots shovel digging redshovels dirt ground plant planting plants Clip Art Agriculture
  5.   plant plants planting root roots dirt Clip Art Agriculture soil sprout sprouts
  6.   vegetable vegetables food garden gardening carrot carrots radish radishes Clip Art Agriculture root potatoes radishes radish beet beets potato potatoes
  7.   seedling plant planting plants garden gardening root roots Clip Art Agriculture sprout sprouts
  8.   weed whacker knife knifes root roots puller Clip Art Agriculture tool gardening hand-held landscaper landscaping weeder taproot weeding
  9.   plant plants pot root roots Clip Art Nature Plants grow
  10.   math square root street sign signs mathematics Clip Art Signs-Symbols
  11.   math mathematics school education square root Animations Mini Education