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2770 school clip art images found...

  1. black and white image of a guy acting on stage
  2. computer border
  3. Pencil border
  4. Graduation border
  5. Black and white outline of a school bus
  6. Border with earth and a computer monitor
  7. animated person graduating icon
  8. Cartoon school lockers
  9. A Teacher Reading From a Book
  10. Ruler frame border
  11. A Little Girl Reading a Book on a Stack of Books
  12. Animated little boy walking with a bookbag of books on his back
  13. Cartoon teacher teaching geography
  14. Animated girl studying
  15. A Teacher Using a Pointer to show a Map of the World
  16. Cartoon classroom with desks and chairs
  17. Black and white outline of a basic classroom
  18. School Bus
  19. School art supplies
  20. A Big Yellow School Bus
  21. diploma
  22. Open math book with a page showing A+
  23. Cartoon student doing an assignment
  24. Girl Reading
  25. Book with school supplies
  26. Microscope
  27.  reading circle
  28. Girl in the row boat of success
  29. A Girl with Blonde Hair Walking to School
  30. School lunch box and apple
  31. Cartoon purple crayon
  32. 1004graduation045
  33. Two students at their desks in the classroom doing schoolwork
  34. Cartoon scale with graduate and money
  35. Female teacher in school
  36. Cartoon student learning about plants and cactus
  37. Girl with books and picture frames
  38. frames062
  39. A Girl with a Red Headband Walking to School
  40. Cartoon student holding a text book
  41. School010
  42. Realistic classroom with tables and chairs
  43. Cartoon student packing his backpack
  44. Girl Student
  45. Earth reading books
  46. frames068
  47. Cartoon spilled paints
  48. Cartoon spiral notebook
  49. Cartoon student reading a book
  50. vector college football clipart
  51. little boy playing with a toy helicopter
  52. Book speaking on a podium
  53. Cartoon student holding a backpack
  54. Silhouette of a graduating student holding a diploma
  55. Cartoon student painting with a palette and paintbrush