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2770 school clip art images found...

  1. A Little Girl with a Paint Palette and a Brush Painting a Flower
  2. Two Little Kids Boy and Girl Holding Hands
  3. Two Small Children Talking to their Teacher while they Sit
  4. A Teacher Leaning Down to Talk to the Two Small Children
  5. A Teacher Patting a Sad Little Girl on the Head
  6. A Teacher Sitting Talking to Three Little Girls
  7. Two Little Blonde Girls Playing with their Toys
  8. A Pre K Teacher Teaching a Little Girl
  9. Two Small Boys Playing Cars Together
  10. A Happy Boy Playing with a Soccer Ball
  11. A Teacher Playing with Two Small Children
  12. Two Little Girls Playing with a Red Ball
  13. Two Little Girls Playing on a Teeter Totter
  14. Two Small Children Boy and Girl Play Musical Instraments
  15. Twp small girls playing with dolls
  16. A Happy Teacher Getting Ready to Read a Book to the Children
  17. Two Small Children Happy Playing with Toys
  18. teacher in front of her classroom teaching the English language
  19. Little girl in class solving a math problem
  20. small girl sitting at her school desk
  21. Two Young Girls Happy Playing on the Swing Together
  22. A Nice Happy Teacher Reading a Book to Two Girls
  23. A Small Blonde Girl Holding a Doll Talking to her Teacher
  24. Happy Little Girl Laying Down with a Swimming Suit, Flower Wreathe and a Butterfly
  25. Little Brown Haired Girl Sitting on a Red Velvet Chair
  26. Two Small Happy Children Showing their Teacher their Art Work
  27. Ballerina girls
  28. A Small Girl with a Pink Polka Dot Dress Playing a Violin
  29. Happy Little Girls In their Coats Playing in the Fall Leaves
  30. A Small Girl Wearing a Flower Skirt Painting
  31. Small Girl Wearing Her Rain Coat and Boots Petting a Puppy
  32. A Woman Reading a Story with Two Small Children
  33. Little Girl Wearing a Yellow Handkerchief on her Head Picking Some Strawberries
  34. Cartoon student raising his hand
  35. Little Black Haired Girl looking in a Hand Mirror
  36. Little Girl Dressed up Nice and Warm Pushing her Little Baby Carriage
  37. A little girl coloring on the floor in a red and white polka dotted dress
  38. A Little Girl Making a Snow Man
  39. A little boy in blue and a little girl in a purple polka dotted dress
  40. A Happy Little Girl in a Purple Coat Playing in the Autumn Leaves
  41. A Little Girl Laying on the Floor Painting with watercolors
  42. A Little Girl Happy Holding a Green and Pink Gift
  43. Little Red Headed Girl Wearing a White Dress Smelling a Purple Flower
  44. A Little Black Haired Girl Sitting on a Yellow Ball Kissing her Teddy Bear
  45. A Happy Red Headed Boy Holding a Butterfly
  46. A Bookworm with Hat Bow tie and Book In Front Of A School Chalk Board
  47. A Waving Bookworm In Front Of Chalk Board
  48. 4954-Clipart-Illustration-of-Happy-Student-Worm-In-Red-Apple-In-Front-Of-School-Chalk-Board
  49. 4956-Clipart-Illustration-of-Happy-Student-Worm-In-Apple-In-Front-Of-School-Chalk-Board
  50. 4957-Clipart-Illustration-of-Happy-Student-Worm-In-Apple-In-Front-Of-School-Chalk-Board
  51. A bookworm Waving In Front Of A Chalk Board
  52. 4958-Clipart-Illustration-of-Happy-Student-Worm-In-Apple-In-Front-Of-School-Chalk-Board
  53. 4955-Clipart-Illustration-of-Happy-Student-Worm-In-Apple-In-Front-Of-School-Chalk-Board
  54. 4953-Clipart-Illustration-of-Happy-Student-Worm-In-Apple-In-Front-Of-School-Chalk-Board
  55. black and white image of college student universitario negro