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264 sheep clip art images for you to use...

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  1.   farm farms farmer farmers sheep sheep ram fields fiels country  ram121.gif Clip Art Agriculture
  2.   farm farms farmer farmers sheep sheep fields fiels country house  ram.gif Clip Art Agriculture
  3.   sheep lamb lambs farm farms  sheep2.gif Clip Art Agriculture ewe ewes adult graze field pasture
  4.   sheep lamb lambs farm farms shears trimmer trimmers  sheepshearer.gif Clip Art Agriculture shearer shears hand-held electric
  5.   sheep lamb lambs farm farms  sheep1.gif Clip Art Agriculture baby cartoon baby
  6.   sheep lamb lambs farm farms  sheeps.gif Clip Art Agriculture clothing wool
  7. lamb eating flowers spring easter sheep sheeps lambs  ewe.gif Clip Art Animals wool sheep
  8. sheep grazing fluffy animal sheeps  ewe2.gif Clip Art Animals
  9. sheep lamb Anml099 Clip Art Animals wmf jpg png gif vector clipart images real realistic lambs wool
  10.  lamb sheep   Anml099_bw Clip Art Animals
  11.  sheep goat goats   Anml149_bw Clip Art Animals
  12.   mountain ram rams mountains animals  ram_pv.gif Clip Art Animals African woolly colorful black sheep
  13.   dog dogs animals canine canines sheep mountains  dog-002.gif Clip Art Animals Dogs
  14.   farm farms animals sheep lamb lambs  BAB0235.gif Clip Art Animals Farm
  15.   farm farms animals sheep lamb lambs  BAB0236.gif Clip Art Animals Farm
  16.   sheep farm farms animals lamb lambs  FAB0146.gif Clip Art Animals Farm
  17. farm farms animals sheep lamb lambs  sheep_baby_0021.gif Clip Art Animals Farm cartoon
  18.   farm farms animals sheep lamb lambs  sheep_baby_0010.gif Clip Art Animals Farm
  19.   farm farms animals sheep lamb lambs  sheep_baby_0020.gif Clip Art Animals Farm
  20.   farm farms animals sheep lamb lambs  sheep400.gif Clip Art Animals Farm
  21.   farm farms animals sheep lamb lambs  sheep401.gif Clip Art Animals Farm
  22.   border borders frame frames sheep lamb lambs cloud clouds  frames091.gif Clip Art Borders Animals
  23.  nativity scenes sheep christmas   xmas_019bw Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  24.  nativity scenes sheep christmas   xmas_019c Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  25.   valentines day holidays love hearts heart sheep sheeps lamb lambs animals  valentinesday2121.gif Clip Art Holidays Valentines Day
  26.   christmas xmas holidays lamb lambs sheep animals manger  3_lamb.gif Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  27.   christmas xmas holidays white lamb lambs sheep animals star hay manger scene baby-lamb3.gif Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  28.  christmas xmas holidays nativity scene baby jesus sheep   christmas024yy Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  29.   sheep lamb razor  sheepman.gif Clip Art People Occupations sheep+herder
  30.  christian religion sheep religious shepherd sheppard lds Christian002_ssc_bw_ Clip Art Religion Christian
  31.  christian religion religious shepherd sheppard sheep lds   Christian002_ssc_c_ Clip Art Religion Christian
  32.  christian religion religious lamb jesus moses star stars lds   Christian_ss_bw_101 Clip Art Religion Christian sheep herder Shepherd black white sheepherder sacrifice
  33.  christian religion religious lamb lambs lds   Christian_ss_c_175 Clip Art Religion Christian sheep
  34.   country hill hills field fields land sheep  landscape105.gif Clip Art Places Landscape
  35.   farm farms country sheep sheeps land building buildings barn barns road roads real estate  landscape35.gif Clip Art Places Landscape
  36.   sheep farm farms field fields country  landscape42.gif Clip Art Places Landscape
  37.  christian religion religious jesus sheperd lamb lambs lds   sheep Christian028_ssc_bw_ Clip Art Religion Christian
  38.   tree trees island islands farm farms land sheep sheeps animals  landscape291211.gif Clip Art Places Landscape
  39.   barn barns garage garages building buildings sheep sheeps land country  landscape39.gif Clip Art Places Landscape
  40.   astrology zodiac zodiacs sheep sheeps aries  sheep.gif Clip Art Zodiac
  41.   sheep sheeps lamb  sheep.gif Animations 3D Animals
  42.   shadow people silhouette working work humans chemist chemistry science scientists test tubes bio stem cell research clone clones cloning sheep  people-343.gif Animations 2D People Shadow
  43.   dog dogs puppy puppies animals mans best friend pet pets sheep mountains  dog-002.gif Animations 2D Animals Dogs
  44.  sheep ruminant wool mammals animal   2A0019lowres Photos Animals