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  1.   airplane airplanes plane planes hand glider  gliding201.gif clip art transportation air
  2.   mail envelope envelopes letter letters  fos0109.gif clip art business supplies
  3.   building buildings landmark pyramid pyramids  landmark1.gif clip art international landmarks
  4.   map maps volcano volcanos  topomap_vulcano2.gif clip art international maps
  5.   music instruments keyboard keyboards  keyboard2.gif clip art music electric
  6.   border borders frame frames  pic104.gif clip art places buildings
  7.  christian religion religious church christian_ss_c_109 clip art religion christian
  8.   medical stethoscope stethoscopes equipment  doctorsset.gif clip art science health-medicine
  9.   medical equipment thermometer thermometers  electronicthermometr.gif clip art science health-medicine
  10.   volleyball volleyballs player players sports sport  volleyballplayer4.gif clip art sports
  11. orca under water
  12. ham roll.
  13. gold leaf charm
  14. orange pliers
  15. astronaut taking a selfie in black and white
  16.   sew sewing machine handheld machines  handsewingmachine.gif clip art household
  17.   map maps albania  mapalbania.gif clip art international maps
  18.   money cash register registers  checktill.gif clip art money
  19.  plant plants flower flowers fields   plnts009_bw clip art nature
  20.   construction worker surveyor  locator.gif clip art people occupations
  21.   boxing glove gloves  9_gloves.gif clip art sports boxing
  22.   boxing boxer boxers  boxer5.gif clip art sports boxing
  23.   fishing fishermen fly  fishing800.gif clip art sports fishing
  24.  skiing snow ski   sport187_bw clip art sports skiing
  25.   toy toys doll dolls  kidsset.gif clip art toys-games