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1010 teacher clip art images found...

  1. animated teacher yelling at her class.
  2. a teacher is teaching a student math
  3. a teacher patting a sad little girl on the head
  4. teacher in front of the class room pointing to the blackboard
  5. teacher in front of classroom
  6. teacher teaching a classroom of computer students geography
  7.   school teacher teachers teach math education professor  joke024aa.gif animations 2d people
  8. a teacher sitting talking to three little girls
  9. algebra teacher in class pointing at the blackboard
  10. a pre k teacher teaching a little girl
  11. two small children talking to their teacher while they sit
  12. teacher and students
  13. a professor displayed on chalk board text welcome!
  14. a teacher reading from a book
  15. a school teacher with a pointer showing on the chalk board text welcome!
  16. dog trainer
  17. animated small girl training her puppy
  18. a teacher leaning down to talk to the two small children
  19.   teacher teachers teach school education edcuational  teacher.gif clip art people occupations
  20. woman teacher with a pointer displayed on chalk board text welcome!
  21.  people job jobs work working occupation occupations career careers teacher teachers lecture school instructor   jobs-122105-115 clip art people occupations
  22. teacher in front of her classroom teaching the english language
  23. a woman school teacher in a dark blue dress with a pointer displayed on chalk board welcome!
  24. principle disciplining a chid for causing trouble
  25. a preschool teacher talking with two small girls