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1448 religious clip art images found...

  1. praying hands with a cross in the back
  2. indian woman praying
  3. hands praying
  4. women praying
  5. jesus praying
  6. little girl praying
  7. an animated islamic man praying
  8. black and white jesus on easter cross
  9. white dove flying with a branch in its mouth
  10. a catholic priest sprinkling holy water
  11. animated woman praying with a cross hanging on the wall
  12. small girl and boy praying
  13. praying hands holding a rosary
  14.   musilum religion religious islam mosque  mosque.gif clip art religion
  15.  christian religion religious dove doves bird birds lds   christian_ss_bw_130 clip art religion christian
  16.   pray prayer ash wednesday palm sunday religion religious pray praying  believer.gif clip art religion
  17. little boy in black and white praying
  18.   religion religious pray praying muslim islam  prayer.gif clip art religion
  19. a little pilgrim boy on his knees praying
  20. a man in a suit saying a prayer
  21. jesus praying to heaven
  22. moses with the ten commandments
  23. christ and the holy spirit as a dove in the baptism waters
  24. a black haired angel kneeling to pray
  25.   religion religious pray praying  woman.gif clip art religion