Graphics Factory School Edition

The Graphics Factory School Edition makes it affordable for schools to access and use the valuable images that teachers and students love to use.

Teachers and students use Graphics Factory School Edition content in the classroom, the office and the computer lab to revitalize multimedia presentations, diagrams, websites, worksheets, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, posters, lessonplans and much, much more.

Why Use Graphics Factory School Edition:

  • Affordable programs setup just for schools
  • 2.3 million digital images
  • Images are keyword cross-referenced to make the them easy find
  • Search filtering for child safe content
  • Download reporting for each school in your district
  • Dedicated District Admin account to view school usage statistics

District Admin Panel:

The admin of your district has access to this admin tool to show details about each schools usage.


Prices depend on the number of users in your school, or the number of schools in your district. Please call 1-800-339-2383 or with information on your district as to how many schools and users you would like to have access. We will reply with a price per school and information on getting you started.