Getting Started at Graphics Factory

The first thing to do is sign in to your Graphics Factory membership. Onced signed in you can use these tutorials to get you up and running fast. It's really simple and easy to use Graphics Factory images. Contact us if you still need help.

Downloading Images

Downloading Clip Art

Learn how to download images fast and easy.


Installing Fonts

Installing Fonts

Learn how to install fonts downloaded from Graphics Factory.


Image Formats Explained

Choosing the correct image format

Learn what the different image formats are used for and when to use the correct one.


Word XP

Backgrounds in Word XP

Use the watermark feature in Microsoft Word XP to insert clip art borders as backgrounds.


Word 2002

Using Clip Art in Word 2002

Learn how to use clip art from Graphics Factory to add interest and impact to your Word 2002 documents.


Shopping list

Create a Custom Shopping List

Learn how to make the perfect shopping list for all your shopping needs.


Colors explained

Colors Explained

Secrets of colors and how they influence the mind. See why it's important to use certain colors for your projects.


HTML / Pantone Color Codes

HTML and Pantone Color Codes Matching Chart

This is a very useful chart of color codes to help match Pantone to CMYK and Web color codes.


Why pay for images?

Buy Images?

It seems like we are becoming a template-driven society where everything is 99% pre-made, leaving some room for customization. See why buying images sense.