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1034 back clip art images found...

  1. Black and white outline of a magnet
  2. Cartoon classroom with desks and chairs
  3. Whimsical cartoon pair of scissors
  4. Cartoon colored pencils and paper
  5. Cartoon mechanical pencil
  6. Cartoon writing tablet
  7. Cartoon pencil and pencil sharpener
  8. Cartoon desk and chair
  9. Black and white outline of a cd
  10. Cartoon boy learning to read
  11. Cartoon teaching giving a presentation
  12. Cartoon stack of school textbooks
  13. Cartoon student holding a backpack and binder
  14. Football player 083
  15. Football player 098
  16. baby polar bear crawling on his mothers back
  17. A silly green and yellow diamond back fish with a pointy nose
  18. Cartoon student reading a book
  19. Cartoon art supplies
  20. Cartoon mouse and mouse pad
  21. Cartoon pencil box
  22. Cartoon petri dish
  23. Cartoon paintbrush with containers of paint
  24. Cartoon artists easel
  25. Cartoon books with open blank pages
  26. Cartoon purple backpack with pockets
  27. Cartoon boy ready for his first day of school
  28. Cartoon boy riding on a scooter
  29. Cartoon wooden ruler
  30. Cartoon sand toys
  31. Cartoon toy box with toys
  32. Cartoon paint set
  33. Cartoon student holding a backpack
  34. Cartoon student holding a text book
  35. Cartoon box of sidewalk chalk
  36. Cartoon man scolding
  37. Cartoon sports equipment and book
  38. Cartoon apple
  39. Cartoon student carrying a backpack
  40. Cartoon microscope
  41. Cartoon leaves in a shadow box
  42. Cartoon journals
  43. Cartoon pencil box with an image of an elephant and moon
  44. Paintbrush and paint set
  45. Cartoon student typing at a computer
  46. Cartoon funny alarm clock
  47. Cartoon boy waiting to go to school
  48. Cartoon calculator with large buttons
  49. Black and white outline of an organizer with zipper
  50. Cartoon container of pencil lead
  51. Cartoon textbook and small notepad
  52. Cartoon envelope
  53. Cartoon purple school backpack
  54. Cartoon crayons
  55. Cartoon girl sitting at a desk