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207 jesus clip art images found...

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  1. Nativity scene with baby Jesus
  2. black and white Nativity scene
  3. Black and white Jesus on Easter cross
  4. Baby Jesus in a Manger Glowing
  5. Christmas nativity scene
  6. The Eye of Ra The Egyptian Sun God tattoo
  7. baby Jesus in the manger
  8. Starry Night Baby Jesus in a Manger
  9. cartoon Jesus
  10. The Risen Christ coming in black and white
  11. The Risen Christ
  12. praying hands
  13. Black and White Baby Jesus in a Manger
  14. 9th Station of the Cross
  15. Jesus Christ with his arms raised
  16. black and white Jesus cartoon drawing
  17. 12th Station of the Cross
  18. Black and White Mary Looking Over Jesus
  19. Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus
  20. Jesus riding a donkey
  21. Jesus praying
  22. Animated Stations of the Cross
  23. 4th Station of the Cross
  24. Maria and baby Jesus
  25. Moses with the Ten Commandments
  26. drawing of God
  27. African american boy angel
  28. cartoon Jesus walking
  29. cartoon man happy because he loves Jesus
  30. Jesus Christ drawing
  31. black and white Jesus in the manger
  32. Jesus praying to heaven
  33. 12th Station of The Cross
  34. Christ and the Holy Spirit as a dove in the baptism waters
  35. jesus
  36. Jesus praying with a candle and bible picture
  37. Jesus in the Gethsemane
  38. Jesus
  39. Blue I love Jesus balloon
  40. Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus
  41. Burning Bush
  42. 9th Station of The Cross
  43. Christian boy with I Love Jesus tshirt
  44. 12th Station of the Cross
  45. Moses with the Ten Commandments
  46. xmas_014bw
  47. Christ preaching in black and white
  48. Mary holding baby Jesus
  49. 12th Station of the Cross
  50. A holy man walking
  51. Christ walking
  52. Cartoon Jesus Christ
  53. A Globe Cartoon Character with American Patriotic Hat And Flag With Red Blue White And Yellow Stars In Background
  54. African American holding up a peace sign
  55. The fish relating to Christ