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87 decorated clip art images found...

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  1. christmas xmas holidays bell ringing sparkle happy jolly red+nose Santa+Claus tree  Clip+Art Holidays Christmas
  2. christmas+tree xmas decoration decorationsClip+Art Holidays Christmas
  3.  christmas xmas holidays black+white chimney smoke fire cabins cabin house home decorated Clip+Art Holidays Christmas outline
  4.   christmas xmas holidays tree tres decoration decorations black and white star decoratedClip Art Holidays Christmas
  5.   easter bunny bunnies rabbit rabbits egg eggs decorated happy winkClip Art Holidays Easter pink blue eyes
  6.   Happy Easter Eggs painted egg candles candle holidays Clip Art Holidays Easter flame flames glowing colorful decorated
  7.   Happy Easter Eggs painted chicks egg chick baby yellow chickens Clip Art Holidays Easter happy celebrate bow purple green
  8.   Happy Easter Basket Eggs painted chicks egg chick Clip Art Holidays Easter handle bow pink yellow decorated celebrate woven brown
  9. vector clip art vinyl-ready cutter black white christmas bow stars star decoration xmas holidays tree trees bow
  10.   cowboy cowboys hat hats Clip Art People Cowboys purple ten gallon decorative
  11. easter eggs eggClip Art Holidays Easter nest realistic vector wmf png gif jpg clipart images colorful painted celebrate
  12.   christmas xmas holidays gift gifts present presents trees tree ornament ornaments bow bows boxes snow decoration decorations star bulbs ballClip Art Holidays Christmas
  13. vector clip art vinyl ready vinyl-ready signage christmas bulbs beads decorated ornaments holiday holidays xmas tree trees
  14.   valentines day holidays love hearts heart Clip Art Holidays Valentines Day red flowers pink pen calligraphy
  15.  christmas xmas holiday green holidays tree trees decorated Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  16.   tissue tissues  box flowers decorative decoratedClip Art Household
  17. Christmas Xmas Holidays Happy Festive Black White cute funny cartoon vector royalty-free berries decoration ornament ornaments holly candle candles
  18.  christmas xmas winter tree decorations ornaments star black and white sack bag Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  19.   easter egg eggs decoratedClip Art Holidays Easter beautiful ribbon pink grass
  20.  christmas xmas holidays wreath wreaths decoration decorations sleeping heart hearts black and whitesanta claus stars happy  Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  21. western cowboy cowboys vector wild west pistol gun guns revolver revolvers pistols
grip wooden wood silver old
  22.  valentines valentine day love romantic heart hearts vine pink lady bug Clip Art Holidays Valentines Day holiday
  23. christmas xmas holiday black white decoratedvholidays tree trees  Clip Art decorated
  24. christmas xmas winter tree decorations decorated ball bulb  ornaments sack bag Clip Art Holidays tree gift gifts present presents trees pine
  25.   Easter Eggs painted egg Clip Art Holidays Easter
  26.   basket baskets egg eggs easter holidays handledClip Art Holidays Easter decorated painted pink yellow orange
  27. funny cartoon fish
  28.   christmas xmas holidays wreath wreaths decoration decorations door snow snowing winter cold Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  29.   christmas xmas holidays bulb bulbs decoration decorations tree trees  ornaments starClip Art Holidays Christmas
  30. saint patricks day st pats irish beer clover clovers mug black and white 3 three leaf clover bubbles drink handle
  31.   easter egg eggs chick chicks Clip Art leaning colorful decorated yellow happy celebrate Holidays Easter
  32.  christmas xmas holiday decoration ornaments hat gloves holidays snowman sled fast  Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  33.   easter food Clip Art Holidays Easter place setting ring napkin pink flower decorative egg decorated
  34.  country style cactus green christmas xmas lights tree western  Clip Art Holidays Christmas black white
  35.   easter egg eggs stars circlesClip Art Holidays Easter red yellow stripe
  36. easter egg eggsClip Art Holidays whimsical vector wmf png gif jpg gold golden yellow stars swirls decorated
  37.   easter egg eggs chick chicks Clip Art yellow Holidays Easter celebrate colorful holiday purple bow blue eyes happy
  38.   easter egg eggs chicks chick holidays cracked broken purple blue yellow celebrateClip Art Holidays Easter
  39. easter egg eggs Clip Art Holidays Easter stars stripes red blue yellow brown colorful painted
  40.   valentines day holidays love hearts heart Clip Art Holidays Valentines Day pink red all my flowers white border holiday
  41. easter eggs egg basket basketsClip Art Holidays Easter wmf jpg gif vector clipart images flowers blue decorated decorative yellow blue pink gold handled
  42. easter religious religion egg eggs decorated black white squares decorative
  43.   christmas xmas holidays decorated two decoration decorations treegreen Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  44. christmas xmas holiday child sled black and white decorated star holidays kids stars sleigh sled tree trees  Clip Art Holidays child children
  45.   easter egg eggs flowers flower Clip Art Holidays Easter bouquet decorated beautiful yellow red ribbon
  46.  christmas xmas holiday hat gloves tree decorations holidays snowman tree  Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  47.  christmas xmas holiday woman clock decorated tree holidays new years glass  Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  48.  christmas xmas holiday holidays december candle stick purple flame holly berry candles berries  Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  49.   Happy Easter Basket Eggs painted egg Clip Art Holidays Easter decorated stripes painted polka dots bow tie blue yellow pink red
  50.   christmas xmas merry tree stamp stars red yellow  trees Clip Art Holidays Christmas
  51.   egg eggs cupcakes cupcake food easter Clip Art Holidays Easter dessert sprinkles decorative decorated beautiful painted celebrate
  52.   christmas xmas merry tree stars green yellow trees happyClip Art Holidays Christmas
  53.   easter bunny bunnies rabbit rabbits Clip Art Holidays Easter purple egg eggs green yellow blue white happy celebrate
  54. cartoon funny comical comic vector chef black white