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  1. fly flying suit suits tie ties ride riding magic carpet business profits profit Clip Art People Occupations occupation professional profession pro work worker working jobs job
employ employment employed career careers person competent experienced
efficient polished known learned skill full qualified proficient proud appreciative content dignified glorious gratifying great honored
satisfied rewarding splendid superb control authority authorities determination determine determining direction discipline domination management manager qualification supervision
supervisor supervising supreme supremacy charge charges command
commander commanding fundamental fundamentals guide guidance regulation
regulate administrate administration administrator empire dominate dominator dominating reign capability competent efficacy efficient faculty talent talented ability abilities potent strength virtue qualification aptitude influence influential influencing happy joy joyous skip skipping jubilee jubilant exciting excitement excited sparkling thrilled thrilling cheerful pleased pleasant lively tickled pink upbeat good news determined complete dispose figure regulate resolve rule money currency c notes note bills dollars dollar benjamins bill profit gain accumulation advancement advantage avail benefit gate goods gravy
earnings return revenue saving surplus savings prosper prosperity improve
improvement thrive thriving advantage advantages