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factory industry professional occupations people outline factories buildings gear worker gears isometric heavy mechanism synergy idea sprocket teamwork mechanical groove team cog tool tools parts machine interlocking part sprockets equipment overalls handyman logo painter painting paint roads traffic brush painters line can read reading lines look looking papers business finding symbol paper working man set floor suit down icon secretary work concept carpenter search ladder analyzing lady sitting desk searching fell ground glass repair pastor hand studying praising board gold wall tie preacher recycle water household god roller on magnifying bucket clues electronics abstract details knees clue hookup strings round steam mop corporation lawyer legs electrical puppet kneeling touch electric cut shout retro hold company cutting law grey sink computers document cleaners talk telecom sad star finance template women sit help fake circle carbon dioxide sanitation roll communication planned found schedule bible yellow talking rush telephone elderly crossed wrench tech fix microphone lawyers puppets hands hard medical black white string sing building cleaning vintage cord typing waiting plumber phone determined prayer technology ceiling judge labor stack computer city manual accident leak smoking cartoon professor singer notes hammer tattoo thinking up wood co2 pipe simple plumbers element writing cell emblem radar pipes pen table dizzy golden medicine old lost ring out sign trouble concentric think outlet hammering curved extension logos mic shape raised plankclip wire saw intern judges point smoke play media sky false mistake book lord scrubbing plumbing plan stage sponge plug books half cleaner played important
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